Tokyo Underground - a bit of a rant

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Tokyo Underground - a bit of a rant

#1 Post by Project-2501 » Sun Sep 27, 2009 11:07 pm

This is another one of those bargin bin box sets I keep buying. Really I don't know why I do!

The entire series cost £9.99, hey, can't go too far wrong you think ;)


Beneath Tokyo resides a secret underground world: Tokyo Underground. A self contained metropolis created by scientists as a giant laboratory where they could study and refine the abilities of certain humans to control the elemental powers. (water, wind, fire etc.. as well as some utterly silly ones like acid and smoke :scratch: )

As always with experiments like this it went wrong and the scientists fled to the surface sealing the inhabitants in the underground for fear their powers would cause havoc.

Slightly miffed about this state of affairs certain residents of the underground form 'The Company' in an attempt to bring peace and order to the underground. And again as always power goes to someones head and they decide revenge on the surface is a good move. And to do this they need a young girl known as the 'Maiden of Life'.

So the story starts....

The maiden of life and her bodyguard (who can control gravity) escape to the surface (wait, shouldn't they be stuck underground??) and bump into a boy who is good at fighting. Boy and girl get all doe eyed for eachother, bad guys from the company come after them (seriously, they are supposed to be sealed underground so they can't get out!) and take the maiden of life back. Boy discovers he can control the wind (hang on, only people from the underground can do that??) Boy, bodyguard and boys nerdy friend (who has the worst dub VA you've ever heard) decide to go into the underground and rescue the maiden.

Cue 25 eps of fairly generic fighting between the 'power controllers' and lots of yelling of technique names and use of the SAME technique over and over again. It is from the creators of a certain N anime after all.

A few other things to mention, the anime was made in 2002 and is proclaimed as 'First series'. The manga continued until 2005 so obviously they were intending to run into a second series. And as you get towards the last disc you're thinking 'they can't reach a sensible end, not enough eps left'. And you're right! Last half of the very last ep, big showdown between the good guys and the bad guys, bad guys get their butts kicked and it ends up fading to a shot of all the main good characters standing in a field of flowers looking happy as the end credits roll. :drunk:

So in conclusion, I've watched worse, but not much worse. The story as a concept almost worked, but I can see why it was being sold for a tenner. Its also PG so there is no blood, no-one is actually killed and there isn't a jot of fanservice to be seen even with all the short skirts.

I give Tokyo Underground 1 kitty :cat: (purely based on amusement value)

Just to add to the fun, one of the characters names changed spelling and then changed back a few eps later :)

In the very next ep:

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