Ol' SP's New Review: Fruits Basket

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Ol' SP's New Review: Fruits Basket

#1 Post by Shad0w_Pr0phet » Mon Feb 02, 2009 9:10 pm

Well its been a long ol' time since i've written a review about anything so here goes! :scratch:

First off i'm guna explain the wierd plot :pop:

Basically the maik character Tohru Honda is a 16 year old high school student who had lost her father when she was a baby and recently lost her mother and was living with her rather ecentric grandfather, however when her auntie and family plan to move in she has to move out so it can be refurbished.

She lies to her grandfather and says she will move in with her friend, but actually sets up camp in Sohma family property and ends up living in a tent.

And heres where the story starts, she is making her way to high school and stumbles across the 'Sohma House', where she sees 12 painted models drying on the porch to represent the 12 animals of the zodiac, there she meets one of the other main characters 'Shigure Sohma' and then subsiquently 'Yuki Sohma',

Lets cut out the rest of the first episode but after we see Tohru's two best friends 'Arisa Uotani'("A tough talking 'yankee' that looks out for her friends") and 'Saki Hanajima' ("can sense peoples 'waves' and has a goth demeanor that scares her classmates")

Anyway after going out for dinner Yuki and Shigure are walking back to sohma house when they come accross Tohru's tent and a Laughing fit from Shigure, the three head for sohma house where Tohru spends the night because of a landslide he coule 'smell in the air'

The next morning the final main character literally comes crashing in, the sexy red head 'Kyo Sohma' after Tohru trips she falls into kyo's arms and in a puff of smoke kyo seems to disappear, but a ginger cat appears in tohrus arms, then by one of the many wherd twist of fates in fruba tohru ends up in the arms of shigure and yuki who also disappear and a rat and a dog turn up in there place.

It turns out the zodiac family is cursed and 13 members when hugged by a member of the oppisite sex or thier body's come under a great deal of stress they transform into 1 of the 12 animals of the chinease zodiac and the cat :wink:
Theres the basic plot for you

This series is a brilliant mix of comedy, romance, comedy, heart break, comedy, unrequited love, comedy, fighting, comedy, sibbling rivalry, comedy, true love and guess what, it begins with c :roll:

As tohru meets all the other zodiac members all kinds of wacky adventures ensue, and i would recommend this series to anyone! Its one of my all time favorites :pop:

Anyway im sorry for babbling in places and epic fail of this review, its been a while since the last review ^_^;;

SP <3

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