Recurring Nightmare

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Recurring Nightmare

#1 Post by Captain Kuchiki » Mon Aug 18, 2008 11:27 pm

This was a recurring dream I had when I was four, so it's 12 years ago, my memory is a bit hazy but it's always stuck with me. The age in which I had this dream explains the cliche enviroment and appearances of characters, also I decided not to name my family, just because I didn't want to use their real names and I'm busy thinking of alternative names for them for a sort of adaption of my life I'm working on.

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The sky was dark, with only a small number of weak stars shining through. Our small blue car slowly rolled up the small, curvy hill, bumping up and down the loose rocks on the way. There were four people in the car, in the front seat was my mother. She wasn't a tall woman, neither was she petite, her long, dark brown hair resting on her shoulders and dropping down her back, she was showing signs of exhaustion, after all, she had been driving for a long time. In the back seat was me, still small at that time, with short dark brown hair and green eyes, each of my brothers sat on either side. My older brother sat to my left, he looked a lot like me, except only taller. My younger brother looked quite different though, he was rather small as he was only one year old, but he already had a flock of blonde hair, which was strange as neither my mother, nor my father were blondes. Aside from that, he looked a lot like my mother. The long car journey had taken it's toll on us, as we were all fast asleep.

The car finally rolled up the last of the rocky path and stopped outside of a rather small mansion. The mansion was rather small considering what it was and looked more like a miniature castle, it only had a few windows but must have been at least three stories high, with a single balcony on the second floor. My Mum bibbed the horn twice, alerting the residents of her arrival. Almost instantly, the large wooden door of the mansion swung open and three elderly women walked out, two of them rather petite, but overweight. One had long grey hair and a long crooked nose, another had curly ginger hair a face similar to the other, but the third was unlike the others, she was tall and had a rather small nose, dressing in a large grey cloak instead of the black cloaks worn by the other two, all in all, they looked rather sinister, even though they were wearing welcoming smiles.
"So nice for you to come" the taller one said in a rather hoarse tone as she looked straight at the car with her menacing eyes, the other two however were more welcoming and opened the back doors to take me and my sleeping brothers inside.

My mum and the taller woman then walked in through the door, both carrying suitcases. "The Young 'uns have been taken to their rooms" the ginger woman said as she made her way down a spiral staircase, "let me take your bags for you" she gleefully said as she taken the large brown suitcase from my mother's hands. The room in which she had entered was covered in gleaming yellow walls, with wood furniture covered with velvet cushions, drapes and tablecloths, it looked pretty tacky, but beautiful at the same time.
"You must be tired" the grey haired woman said to my mother, "I'll show you to your room" she said as she began walking upstairs, my Mum following her.

The room in which we were to sleep was rather small, and not enough attention was given to it compared to the rest of the building, the roof was covered in mold and the beds were rather old, creaking every time a breeze blew past them. My mum sighed as she opened her suitcases to take out or clothes for the morning before retiring to bed herself.

It was the middle of the night, probably around one in the morning when I awoke needing the toilet, being the shy boy I am I didn't even dare venture out on my own, so I tried to wake my Mum. I nudged her several times but she wouldn't even stir, so I did the same to my older brother, who woken up almost instantly. "I need the toilet" I told him, and after some weird looks on his part, we both creaked open our bedroom door and went to find the bathroom. After a while, we found it at the end of the hallway, it was almost as neglected as our room and was covered in cobwebs, however, I really needed to go so none of that mattered. When I had finished I turned around to go back to my room when I saw the tall woman looking at me and my brother, she pointed at us then gestured with her finger that we follow her, she then walked downstairs, me and my older brother followed her.

When we were at the foot of the stairs, she and the ginger lady were standing next to a rack on the wall which was full of bottles, the ginger haired lady was holding on in her hand. "For those who have trouble sleeping, this will help a lot" she said as the tall lady grabbed my hand, the ginger lady opened the bottle and poured a powder the same colour as her hair onto my arm. It burned, it burned so much I recoiled in pain and almost screamed, had my mouth not been covered by the tall, menacing looking tall woman, it was then I noticed that her hand was covered in a blue powder, which made me sleepy.
I awoke a few hours later to find myself in the middle of what I would guess was the living room, lying on a table, with my unconscious older brother next to me. I could hear the screams of my mother coming from upstairs.

The gray haired old hag had cornered my Mum on the balcony, in one hand she was holding a doll, that looked very similar to my mother and in the other, an axe. My Mum was screaming for help, cradling my younger brother, it was then when the axe hit the doll, and then when the tall woman's hand came down on my face, and it was then when everything went blank.

I woken up lying in my bed, I was wearing my blue pyjamas and covered in sweat. My room was small, and dark. My older brother was sound asleep in the top bunk above me, I can't explain what I felt, I had come to realise it was a dream, but it was so real, it hurt. All I could do was fall asleep, to await a possible conclusion to this tale, which I somehow knew would never come.

Yeah, pretty weird dream for a four year old to have.....I might have to make a collection of short stories one day and throw this no stealing *glares at everyone*. I hope to do writing as a career, so please be as critical as possible.
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