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Anime adaptation

#1 Post by Roostophe » Fri Sep 19, 2008 6:31 pm

I took the opening to Episode 1 of the anime Clannad, and spun it into a small story.

It's described from the p.o.v. of the main character, Tomoya Okazaki.

Prime Bbcode Spoiler Show Prime Bbcode Spoiler: Clannad
Alone, I walk along the same streets, past the same houses and buildings that tower over me. The same shops that are opening up for the day. The same house that has too large a large fish pond in its small front garden.
I spot a small plastic bag, trapped within the branches of a small tree. The sort of thing that would make this morning only a tiny bit different to yesterday. But I've seen a million plastic bags get stuck in trees, so why should I pay this one any attention?
As I walk along the streets, I come across the same faces heading off in different directions to me. They see me and know that I'm going to school, maybe the same one they once attended. But what about them, what are they doing? Do they work, and where?
I always come across one young woman smartly-dressed, carrying a bag that probably contains a bunch of documents and files. I can imagine her being the personal assistant to some wealthy businessman, who makes her do many errands and small jobs that do nothing for her but cause her to spend less and less time with her young children. That could explain why she always looks tired and aggravated.
I glance up at the sky; even that is no different. It's the usual sky you'd expect of a sunny spring morning, sitting above the town. This familiar town that I have known and where I have lived for so long.
This town is probably just like every other unknown town in Japan. While it has a history, it is an uninteresting one. It has no famous monuments, no landmarks or tourist attractions like the ones Tokyo or Osaka boast. The most famous resident this town ever had, was never even that famous. This town is just your typical, boring Japanese town.
I hate this town, since it is filled with memories I would rather forget. I go to school every day, make idle talk with friends, then return to a home I would rather not return to.
This is the same, monotonous pattern that I do, day in and day out. The weekend being the only break from the mundane life that I am currently enduring. Even then, the weekends that come and then go are always exactly the same as the one before it.
Will anything ever change, if I keep going like this? Will such a day ever come where, just once, something unexpected and surprising was to occur?
I stop at the foot of a tall hill, which my school sits at the very top of. I let out a small sigh of despair, then begin to walk up the hill towards school. The same path, lined with the same sakura trees that I have walked past ever since I started at this school.
I walk up this familiar hill in the same, familiar way; My hands in my pockets and my schoolbag nestled underneath my left arm. I wear the same beige school blazer and the same red tie. The only things that would change are the white shirt and blue trousers, but who else could tell? I probably have the same emotion scrawled on my face as I had during every other slow walk to school.
But then, I see something: A young girl, a student to the same school as I am, standing still in the middle of the path. Her back is turned to me.
I walk closer to her, then I stop. A few of the pink leaves of the sakura trees had landed on the top of her head, she must have been standing there for some time.
Her face is stuck in pure concentration; her eyes are closed, and her body is rigid. She does not make a single move, bar only a couple of short breaths.
"Anpan." she suddenly says to herself.
I react to such a strange burst of speech. Why would she randomly blurt out something so common as a type of bread?
Then she spoke again, on a topic that has nothing to do with bread.
"Do you like this school?" she says, "I love it very much...B-but nothing can stay the same forever."
A young girl I've never seen before. Her words weren't directed at me. Was she talking to somebody in her mind?
"Everything fun..." she continued, "...Everything happy...can't stay the same forever. Even then, can you continue to love this place?"
"You just have to find something."
I spoke to her, she didn't know that I was close. She gasps, and turns to face me. Her shoulder-length brown hair flows in the wind, and her hazel eyes stare curiously at me.
The wind began blowing stronger than before. The pink leaves being pushed by the wind like they were small boats on the sea.
I stand still, returning her glare. Albeit without curiosity.
"You just have to find something new." I said, "Something else that's fun or happy."
She continues to stare at me, but I wasn't waiting for her to respond. I make another sigh.
"Come on, let's go." I say to her, and I resume walking. She makes a small sound, before following me. A pace quicker than mine as she catches up with me.
We begin to walk up this long, long hill...

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