Requiem pour un amour perdu

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Requiem pour un amour perdu

#1 Post by rubium » Sat Sep 20, 2008 12:21 am

Prime Bbcode Spoiler Show Prime Bbcode Spoiler: poetry
to see her regularly is a wish many hold, and to see her daily would be an honour, to see her by sun would be to see her beauty and to see her by night fall would be awe inspiring. she is the truth, the emotion, the feeling, and the outspoken word. and for that we are drawn to her

to say that she was creative would be an understatement. and she changes the feeling of everyone she meets. she is mysterious, like the veil hiding the stars in the sky. like a dream she is there and at the same time she is not, she drifts,and for that we love her.

body of a goddess and heart of gold, emotions of steel, and of good intent. her word is final, and she can silence hundreds to make one person sing.and for that we live for her

like a crisp autumn morning she can snap into place, bringing serenity to one and to others displace. feeling for many is not an option for her, more of a pre-emptive thought. she dazzles and yet she destroys. she creates and she can break. and for that we tolerate her.

she can leave many in her wake, victims of the cause, casualties for the benefit of her. we are lead by her law, and it is the things that we do for her. that show that she is wanted, so when she leaves we feel the pain , the pain of the lost, and for that we suffer for her.

to say that we need say that we need her would be an understatement, it runs deeper than a need. the collection of thoughts, the first meeting with her , to the final encounter, and still we welcome her. we care for her. and for that we are embraced by her.

and in the end we are shown her once more. like a crisp beam of light warming a cold winter she engraves her emotions to our hearts, and we feel it, and for that we yearn for her.

"gentle dreams embrace
the look of her tender face
mild and wonderful is she? "
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Requiem pour un amour perdu

#2 Post by CrowSpirit » Wed Nov 26, 2008 10:02 pm

I just read this. It's beautiful. As a woman, I can't help but wish I was that she, most powerful, beautiful, and influential in her sweetness.

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