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Writing Forum Rules

#1 Post by Roostophe » Mon Jun 09, 2008 6:11 pm

General Rules
1) No Spamming, Flaming, Excessive swearing or going Off-Topic
2) No 'Extreme' images. Extreme meaning an image that is either pornographic (INCLUDING Hentai), a serious level of violence, or gore.
3) All posts must be made in a clear, understandable form of English. No text speak allowed.
4) No Duplicate Threads - Before making a thread, if in doubt, check to see if there isn't already one made before.

Writing Forum specific rules.

1) This forum will include discussion of non-manga comic books, and novel books. If there is to be any discussion that may contain spoilers, then make sure to use the spoiler boxes.

2) This forum will also include writing, such as stories and poetry, written by forum members. If a member posts a story/poem, and you wish to give feedback, such as positive feedback or critique. Then do so, but be polite about it. The same applies for those who wrote the stories/poems.

3) All written stories and poems should be placed into spoiler boxes, so as to avoid there being huge posts.