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Telly/Movie Forum Rules

#1 Post by Roostophe » Mon Jun 09, 2008 6:11 pm

General Rules
1) No Spamming, Flaming, Excessive swearing or going Off-Topic
2) No 'Extreme' images. Extreme meaning an image that is either pornographic (INCLUDING Hentai), a serious level of violence, or gore.
3) All posts must be made in a clear, understandable form of English. No text speak allowed.
4) No Duplicate Threads - Before making a thread, if in doubt, check to see if there isn't already one made before.

Telly/Movie forum specific rules.

1) Any threads regarding television shows or recently-released that may contain spoilers MUST be marked AT THE TOP OF EACH POST. Remember to use the Spoiler tags when you are discussing spoilers.