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Music Forum Rules

#1 Post by Roostophe » Mon Jun 09, 2008 6:11 pm

General Rules
1) No Spamming, Flaming, Excessive swearing or going Off-Topic
2) No 'Extreme' images. Extreme meaning an image that is either pornographic (INCLUDING Hentai), a serious level of violence, or gore.
3) All posts must be made in a clear, understandable form of English. No text speak allowed.
4) No Duplicate Threads - Before making a thread, if in doubt, check to see if there isn't already one made before.

Music forum specific rules.

1) Posts in the "What're you listening to now?" thread should include more than just the song and the artist that you're listening to.
Say something about the song, it doesn't have to be anything special what you say about the song, just something like "I love this song" or "This takes me back to when...". Heck, even typing up some of the lyrics in coloured writing would suffice. Don't just type up the artist and song and leave it at that.

2) No linking to illegal downloading music sites.