The Official Manga Section Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

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The Official Manga Section Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

#1 Post by Captain Kuchiki » Wed Jul 16, 2008 11:25 pm

LAST UPDATED: 30/07/08
Updates are in This Colour.

General Rules
1) No Spamming, Flaming, Excessive swearing or going Off-Topic
2) No 'Extreme' images. Extreme meaning an image that is either pornographic (INCLUDING Hentai), a serious level of violance, or gore, but Dokuro-chan is ok.
3) NO posting of illegal material such as Fan-subs, Fanlation, Torrent Sites, AMV's/MAD's or anything of a downloadable nature.
4) Manfaye is not banned, but to be kept to a minimum
5) All posts must be made in a clear, understandable form of English, this excludes text speak.
6) No Duplicate Threads - Before making a thread, if in doubt, check to see if there isn't already one made before.
7) Be careful of spoilers, and all posts containing spoilers MUST be marked AT THE TOP OF EACH POST or through using the spoiler function.
7) When replying to a post above you, or if quoting a part of a large conversation, only quote the relevant parts you are replying too. Also, if the post is a only a few post above yours, it is recommended you address the user (ie Ryu Soma - I think that post is neutral).

Manga Section Rules:
M1) You may discuss manga, but NOT post pictures. Such images are the author's work and to do so would be plagarism (otherwise known as STEALING)
M2) You may discuss manga not yet released or licensed, but for the former (such as BLEACH, where the manga is ongoing in Japan and the UK) you may only discuss events that have occured in volumes currently released without putting the text in spoiler tags.

Obey these rules, or Golden Darkness will KILL you!
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