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Sorry, no screenshots as I can't grab from BDs yet.

I believe this is the first series released on Bluray. Unfortunately the price for what is effectively 8 eps (its actually 7 but the last is double length) on 4 discs is pretty shocking. An RRP of £70 and most places sell it for just shy of £50. Thankfully it was on the Beez stand at the expo for £20 :)

Essentially this is just one long advert for Nissin Cup Noodles but they made a fairly good anime out of it. Design was by Katsuhiro Otomo (Steamboy and Akira) and the influence of those films does show through.

The story is set sometime in the mid 23rd century inside Eden, a huge base on the far side of the moon originally intended as the base of operations for a mars terraforming mission. This was all cut short in 2101 when the Earth orbiting space station Freeport crashed into the surface causing widespread destruction and climate change. The resulting wars on the surface left Earth a wasteland believed to be devoid of all life. At least thats what the children of Eden are taught. A huge image of a red Earth is projected onto the dome of Eden to remind the citizens of what happened.

Takeru (main character) is like any other bored 15yo boy. He wants to mess around with his friends (Kazuma and Biz) and his motorbike (Akira anyone?) and take part in illegal 'Tube Races' (complete with Star Wars ep1 pod race sound effects and Akira style tail light streaks) deep within the old part of the Eden base.

Takeru gets caught after his motorbike catches fire and is given 10 hours 'volunteer' work, basically grunt work outside the dome, checking, maintaining etc.. While outside the dome he sees something impact the ground. Thinking its a meteorite he goes to look but it turns out to be a capsule. Inside is a photo of a girl standing on green grass under a blue sky with a tower in the background. The back of the photo has a message, 'We're fine'.

Infatuated with the girl in the photo he sets out to find her, looking all over Eden for the scene in the photo. He eventually meets Alan, an old geezer who worked on the mars project. Alan tells Takeru that the photo was taken in Florida, on Earth. None of the boys believe the old guy, how could anyone be alive on Earth? But Takeru wants to see for himself. Alan helps them out and lends them an old luna vehicle and some space suits. Takeru and Kazuma set out to look around the edge of the moon and see Earth for themselves. Just as they are on the verge of turning back to Eden they crest the final rise to be greeted with the sight of the blue Earth (Apollo 8, 'Earth Rise') and are promptly surrounded by the Eden security.

Takeru is now determined to get to Earth and find the girl in the photo, no matter the cost.

I won't spoil the rest of the story ;)

The Bluray is presented in 1080 with TrueHD 5.1 surround tracks in Japanese, English and French. Some extras, history of the Apollo programme, making of, staff interviews, didn't watch them.

The animation is pretty much all CG. Looks like they used some motion capture but not too much thankfully. (appleseed remake, ugh!) The detail is not the most amazing, a lot of flat colour on the characters, not a huge amount of detail (teeth are just solid bars of white) and not a lot of texture on clothing. The backgrounds are very detailed and show up well in HD. There are some minor snafus where bits of clothing disappear as they move but all in all its well done.

The cost of this series is a real shame, I can't see how they can justify so much money for such a short series. OK its on bluray but they are all single layer. :scratch: If you've got a BD player and can find Freedom at a sensible cost then go buy it.

Anyway, Freedom gets 4 kitties :cat: :cat: :cat: :cat:
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