Ghost in the Shell 2.0 - Redux

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Ghost in the Shell 2.0 - Redux

#1 Post by Project-2501 » Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:16 am

Finally got a working BD player with good audio, so I had to watch it. I wasn't expecting a great deal, I bought it really cos I'm a nerdy otaku who has to have everything GitS :)

I'm going to ignore the story as its the same as the original. This review is just about what they've done to the film.

In a nutshell they've re-done a lot of the CG scenes and done a tidy-up on the original film stock.

The opening scene (where the Major jumps off the building) is entirely new. IMO it would look better in GitS Innocence as its in the same style. The opening credits 'birth' sequence is also all new CG. Does look good though.

The drop back to the original film is a bit of a shock, its had a good cleanup but it shows its age and one of the big downsides of HD comes to light quite quickly. You can see the cell layers jiggling about and in some scenes the whole frame is jittering about on the screen.

The underwater diving scene is also all new footage. Again it looks like its come from Innocence and doesn't quite fit. They've also redone some of the flight sequences and the computer displays.

The HD does look pretty good, maybe a touch too much of the soft filter, but its still good. The rest of the film still looks good (it always has) but its not "phwoar HD *fap fap*" good. Its better than the DVD but just not 'wow' better.

Compare the DVD of Pan's Labryinth to the BD and its 'OMG!' different. This isn't.

I'm looking forward to Innocence on BD, being a more recent film should give a better result on the BD.

Got a BD player and don't have the GitS DVD? Get the BD.
Got the DVD already? Wait for the BD price to drop a bit more.
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