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Roostophe's Review: .hack//Infection

#1 Post by Roostophe » Sun Sep 27, 2009 8:43 pm

Roostophe's Review: .hack//Infection (PS2)

Before I review the game, here's a little back story:

In 2004, while flicking through an issue of the Official PS2 Magazine, I came across a game called .hack//Infection. It took my interest, and I bought the game.
I found the game quite enjoyable, but my game-time was consumed by two other more well-known games I had bought at the same time as Infection; Metal Gear Solid 2 and Pro Evolution Soccer 3.

My interest in Infection waned as I bought more video games, and it found itself quickly stuck at the back of the games shelf. Never to be played again...

...That was, until 3 1/2 years later, when a little known channel we all love showed a programme called .hack//SIGN.

I was immediately hooked by SIGN, and I found myself rummaging through the shelf to unearth Infection. And I played the game, and actually completed it this time around.

Set after SIGN, the story begins as players take on the role of Kite, who joins his real life friend, Yasuhiko, in the popular MMORPG The World. Yasuhiko is better known as Orca, a player of legendary status in The World. From the message boards within the game, Kite learns that Orca has helped many beginner players set out, just as he does Kite. However, what starts off as a simple crash course in the game's mechanics turns horribly wrong.

They come across a girl, named Aura, who gives Orca a book. But then a strange monster, Skeith, appears. Orca tries bravely to fight him, but is killed. Kite, somehow, survives. And the book is given to him.

Off-game, Yasuhiko has fallen into a coma. And his friend decides to continue playing the game to find answers regarding Yasuhiko's sudden illness. He also learns that Yasuhiko is not the only player to have fallen comatose while playing The World.

In-game, he meets BlackRose, a teenage girl who wields a heavy two-handed blade. BlackRose shouts at Kite for no particular reason, but later apologises. She reveals how her younger brother fell into a coma while playing the game, and is playing to find answers. Just like Kite. And she wishes to go on an adventure with him to the area where her brother fell into the coma.

At that area, they are confronted by Balmung, a friend of Orca's, who warns them they should not be in that area. Just then, a monster with infinite HP - a Data Bug. Unable to fight it, Kite opens the book given to him by the mysterious girl. And is given the Twilight Bracelet with a power called Data Drain, which he uses on the Data Bug.

Balmung believes that Kite is part of the problem within The World, and does not want to help him. Oblivious to the fact that Kite knows Orca in real life.

With the bracelet, Kite and BlackRose set off to find out what really is happening inside The World. And uncover more secrets throughout as the game progresses.


Roostophe's Reaction: 2004

This game is alright, but I'm playing Pro Evo 3...

Roostophe's Reaction: 2008

The game has a great storyline, just like with SIGN, but the graphics aren't the greatest that a PS2 game has to offer.

The game is quite short, but is only a quarter of the entire story. The battle system is a decent and simple free-roaming system that is better than some turn-based systems seen in other games.

The voices are done by VAs known for their work in dubbed anime. Such as Crispin Freeman, Mary McGlynn, Wendee Lee and Michelle Ruff. And people who watch dubbed anime, like me, will be playing the game recognising each character's voice from certain animes.

However, Infection is definitely only for the fans. As fans of the game will be left wanting the next 3 volumes of the story. Like me.

The game also comes with a 45-min anime called .Hack//Liminality Part 1. The other 3 parts come with the other 3 games. A review of that is for another time.

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