BLEACH: Memories Of Nobody (review by shinji/SP)

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BLEACH: Memories Of Nobody (review by shinji/SP)

#1 Post by Shad0w_Pr0phet » Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:47 am

thsi review was copy and pasted as it was originally posted for by my lovely self, having read over it it does inkeep with FAC's Review rules now i have added the DVD specs

DVD TYPE: Single (no thrills regular edition)
Audio Track: Japanese w/ englisg subs (also has an english dub track)


BLEACH: Memories Of Nobody

To start of we oversee the bureau of technological development overseeing a mission involving the stealth force where something goes horribly wrong and are left wonder “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh” , then we have a good old ichigo pwning low level hollow action. This is when things get weird, Rukia And Ichigo sense a strange spiritual pressure (rietsu) and head towards the source where they encounter seemingly harmless white spirits just wondering around aimlessly, after trying to perform a konso (soul burial)on one they all soon turn hostile which is when a unknown soul reaper turns up and releases her Zanpaku-to and wipes these unknowns out. Puzzled by these chain of events Rukia and Ichigo decide to question the girl who we then know as Senna. Rukia then says she will go Back to soul society to report the events that had just transpired. Meanwhile hits Hitsugaya and Masumoto turn up, after investigating they uncover that an old clan banished from the soul society thousands of years ago is responsible for the appearance of these whit unknowns now known as “blanks” and there goal is destroy both soul society and the world of the living, but to do so they need to the mysterious “memory rosary” as a key, which turns out to be Senna herself! The exiled clan known as “the dark ones” manage to kidnap Senna and it’s a race against time for Ichigo and the soul society to rescue Senna before the Soul Society and real world are both annihilated.

The main characters in this movie are:
Ichigo Kurosaki (substitute soul reaper)
Rukia Kuchiki (member oof squad 13)
Senna (soul reaper and memory rosary)
Ganryuu (Leader of the exiled clan “The Dark Ones)
Toshiro Hitsugaya: (Captain of Squad 10)

The music score consists of a mix of rock and orchestral pieces which fit in well with the mood of the movie when each piece is subsequently played, complimenting scenes perfectly. The new songs (later adopted into the TV Series) consist of Senna’s theme song which is a soft orchestral piece beautifully performed with violins and other soft instruments capturing her seemingly innocent yet fun loving character perfectly. However the theme music for the villains is the typical normal kind of music you hear in most things but hey the familiarity to villains pieces sure helps ya associate. Most of the other music is from the Tv series that you’d associate with their respective characters.

The animation is near perfect with hardly any flaws throughout the movie, but we have the obvious alternate brand names like “fony” instead of “sony”, they do incorporate CG in a few scenes but its very well integrated with the pen to paper animation so no complaints from me on that tetchy subject of mine.


This movie is very entertaining, to me atleast, there is scenes of action that’s well choreographed and animated, we have some comedy scenes for a laugh, some emotional parts and also a very heartbreaking ending that may have some people crying their eyes out. Memories of nobody can be said to just be an extended filler episode but its well worth a watch(I myself having watched it more than 5 times). I would say its worth being on any anime fans DVD rack or hard drive, as it’s a good movie to come back and watch again and again, I would even so as far to say it’s a timeless movie whatever anime or even film genre your into.

All in all I would give this movie an 10/10, I’m absolutely in love with this movie and the character of Senna and would recommend it to anybody. I hope after you’ve read this review you might want to go and have a watch yourself.


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