All aboard the Kodama express...

To infinity and beyond

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All aboard the Kodama express...

#16 Post by Old Git » Fri Sep 25, 2009 12:13 pm

Woohoo! Well done, Howard.
That's on the proposal, not the anime. I still have some sanity left to know which matters more. :Arr:
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All aboard the Kodama express...

#17 Post by Nabeshin » Fri Sep 25, 2009 4:08 pm

Congratulations to you and Enki.
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All aboard the Kodama express...

#18 Post by Tenshi » Fri Sep 25, 2009 8:28 pm

Why yes, I am bored. How could you tell?

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All aboard the Kodama express...

#19 Post by CastorTroy81 » Tue Sep 29, 2009 1:10 am

Congrats to you both Howard (and Enki if she's prowling around here)!

So the kodama express get this busy?
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