The rules of General ignorance

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The rules of General ignorance

#1 Post by LeeDless » Sun Jun 08, 2008 8:03 pm

Note: These rules are for the 'General Ignorance' forum, the moderators of the other sections will set their own.

1. No overtly explicit, sexual (including nips and genitelia), offensive or graphic images.
2. No posting links to fansubs or illegal download sites.
3. No excessive use of profanity (and try to keep txt speak to a minimum).
4. Try not to spam or double post and in serious threads keep off-topic replies to a reasonable level.
5. Before posting a new thread, first check to see whether a similar one already exists, and then ask yourself if this new topic will contribute to the forum and be of interest to the other members.
6. Finally, respect the views and opinions of the other users, and above all...
Have fun. :cat: